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Real Estate Lead Generation & Automated Followup Platform

Resultiply's powerful all-in-one real estate platform helps you generate more leads, have more meaningful conversations with your leads, schedule more appointments & close more deals to predictably grow your real estate business.

We calculate all economic indicators and understand feasibility of advertising campaign


First, we generate exclusive buyers & sellers from paid traffic, and drop them directly into our Platform


Then we engage those leads with automated followup through SMS and Phone


Finally, we hand-deliver them to you on a silver platter!

More Leads in Less Time

When your business is powered by Resulitply, you’ll build stronger connections with more leads, leading to more listings and more sales.

Proven Ad Vault

We will set-up our best-performing ad(s), directly in your account, and give you exclusive access to over $50 million worth of successful client-generating ads—all delivered to your inbox!

Qualification Engine

Leads are great, but a QUALIFIED lead is 10x better! We'll set-up our qualification logic so leads can self-identify as being "ready to move now" so you know which of your leads should get all your attention!

Automated Followup

No more dealing with time-wasters! We automatically reach out to leads via email and text, ensuring they engage in a conversation with you, without the hassle and back and forth.

Dedicated Human Assistant

You get a personal human assistant to help with any alerts or responses that the automated system can't handle. Imagine having your own assistant to help you convert more leads than ever before!

Done For You

If using technology feels a bit tricky for you, don't worry at all! Our awesome team will set up everything you need for your trial. You can just relax and enjoy without doing anything – it's super easy!

Lead Conversion Coaching

Learn how to turn interested people into customers by knowing what to say on the phone. We provide examples, scripts, and real phone call experiences to help you speak confidently with potential customers!

Real Agents. Real Results

$27,000 In Commission

"Forgot to say that within the past couple months I have had a 254k, 265k, and 400k home close through the lead system and I've made $27k in GCI. Quite a few in the pipeline now too! Keep on keepin on!"

-Collin Bowman (Dallas, GA)

$1.2M Offer Accepted!!

"Just submitted two offers for a client brought forth from my homeslist campaign.

$1.2M and $900k.

-Quick Update: offer accepted for $1.2 Million!! Whoop!!"

David Whetstone (Roseville, CA)

Half the price and 3x more quality leads

"I used both Boomtown and RCC, and #1, the quality of leads is so much better, like 3:1 better, and its half the price and 3x more leads with higher quality! Plus, the support is top notch and continues to get better and better!"

David Moore (Ocala, FL)

10+ Deals Closed (So Far)

"I was a brand new agent looking for a way to bring in leads and did not have the funds for Zillow. Now I've closed 7 deals off of Facebook last year and 3 so far this year but working with many clients."

Nicholas Newcomer (Raleigh, NC)

$2.6 Million in 3 Months

"I've tried so many other things, but the value that Todd & his team provide is the best investment you can make. My issue has been not having enough free time on my calendar because by business is exploding!"

Shea Sikes (Indianapolis)

3 Closed deals in 6 Weeks

"So I'm just going to put this right here!! I have been in the program for 6 weeks and have closed 3 buyer deals with another possible listing! I hope i can handle this many deals next year!

Tammy Mayer (Denver, CO)

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