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Todd Taylor

CEO & Founder of Resultiply

Since I started this company back in 2017, we've talked to 10,372 Real Estate Agents (at the time of writing this), and they all have similar issues with internet lead generation: bad leads, sharing leads with others, being stuck in long contracts, and more.

In simple terms, Real Estate Agents are tired of being let down by marketing companies. How can you make a profit if you only get leads who aren't serious and won't buy or sell for months? And who likes that regret feeling just 10 days into a 6-month contract?

I started this company as a side job while I was working in Corporate America, writing code and grinding away at a "day job", but after talking to many people, I realized there was a need for a fair solution.

The big companies you think you can trust might use your money to hurt your business. They share the same leads with others in your area. Some companies make you feel like a slave to your phone, calling you and others all at once, and if you don't answer right away, you miss out.

Even worse, some companies act like you're getting a whole marketing team, but it's just one person who took an online course and pressured you to buy. They charge a lot, outsource everything, and often fail to deliver results.

And if you ask for a refund, they blame you. They say it's your fault it didn't work, even though they didn't send you many usable leads.

But that's only half of it. Does any of this sound familiar?

The marketplace needs a system that can deliver leads ready to buy or sell in 3 months or less. It needs a company that cares about changing lives. That's where Resultiply comes in.

At Resultiply, we want to make you a profit as quickly as possible. We work with you personally, unlike other programs that say it takes 6 months for your first closing and are hard to reach.

When you work with Resultiply, you work with a team that truly gets the industry.

I started this company in 2017, and even got my Real Estate license because I love this industry.

When you join us, you're not just a number. I talk to every client every week. Our team cares about doing the right thing for those who invest in us to change their businesses.

We'd love the chance to help change yours too.

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